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Camp Fire v18

Awesome patch love the colors 😍

Awesome patch for an awesome cause

This cause is very dear to me as I have a son with autism and I am honored to have one and the colors are amazing

Great product and the money went to a good cause. Would buy again

TPC PotM v6
In Stitches!!!

Great patch great design!! Stitch stitch stitch up another for the TPC collection!!:)

Love these decals!

Love the decal, it looks awesome! And it's really nice knowing it helpedba little toward the Paradise fires, my husband and mines home town. Shipping was quick and they threw in a few extra. Thank you!


All is perfect,
A new beautiful patch in my collection,
Thanks so much

Glad to Support A Good Cause

Glad to support a good cause. This patch came with some stickers as well. Loved the patch, and looks way better in person.

Great bracket

Bracket is well made w/ quality ss hardware. I sprayed a thin layer of Plasti Dip on the ID just in case i want to move the brackets. Used to mount Ironman quick release awning brackets to Garvin Adventure rack.

Great color

Love this patch it has great color. Already waiting for December and v13! Great addition. :)

One left foot!!:)

Great patch and start out on the left foot!!:) In the collection of POTM it goes.:) Thank You

Fits Yakima Roof Basket

Fast Shipping, fits great on the Yakima Load Warrior Basket with extension. 1” bar size. Well made product. Used Blue Locktight on the screws.

I need this patch

When will you be making another run of these??

We've got wood!

Loving the feel of this patch, the threads are packed in so close and tight, it feels strong like the great redwoods, makes me want to go carve a giant N out of a stump.

I Got Wood!!

I Got the wood design patch!!!!:) very cool. In the wood pile (collection) it goes!!:) Another nice patch, curious to see what’s next??:)

Blue and Blue!!:)

Great set and a great addition to the set. This Blue Blue pair fits perfect with the two other small sets. Thank you.

Great patch!!

A DANDY of a patch. Great patch for the collection.


My GZila High Lift jack mounts work great. Easy install with allen wrench. Holds jack steady and firm. Would be nice if lock washer and flat washer included with wing nus. Would recommend them to anyone mounting jack to roof rack

Aerospace Grade Part

I purchased the bundled kit and it arrived today. After looking at the craftsmanship for the past few hours I seriously wonder why anyone would ever buy anything else? Perfect fit on our FJ. Looks like a factory TRD part or even better.

Toasted Tundra: Great Patch, Better Cause

A great looking patch (well executed, Greg!) and a very worthy cause. 100% awesome.

A match

Nice addition to the Born To Wheel bunch and a good match to the Blue set!!

Awning Brackets

So my roof rack is from a company not featured on this site. Rocky Road Outfitters to be more transparent and even for a 2019 Jeep Cherokee. I was struggling to find any brackets for my 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk to mount my awning. The tube clamps were ultimately perfect. After figuring out my OD of 1.25” I almost but the bullet and ordered on the spot. Then I saw the price. At first it held me back mainly just due to real life stuff like bills and whatnot. I emailed customer service and to my surprise not only did they not offer military discount but they found another solution. Saving a few pennies isn't much but ultimately was nice. My entire point is the price is not a problem compared to the quality that the the brackets demonstrate. I definitely was amazed at the quality of the metal, the quality of the hex bolts and the fitment was spot on. Entirely satisfied with my purchase and loved how seamless this product worked for my application. All in all saving my pennies again for the Axe and Shovel mounts with the Quick Fist. Do not get scared of the price it is definitely worthwhile and your money will be properly invested in the quality of these brackets. Thank you GZila.

Ballistic Overland


I was glad when that sheet of stickers showed up. I didn’t have them to complete the set but when I ordered them and they showed up I was glad I got them, they are nice. They are stickers yes, but, they are a nice piece to complete the current set. I am hoping there will be at least a couple more pieces to come.? Into the collection they go!!:). Thank you. Ken

Excellent product, great choice out there


Product arrived in a timely mnner, and was another quality design.I laugh every time I see it,!


Snow caps and under wild skies. Great to think about the wilderness. Another nice patch for the collection. Thanks