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Love gziladesigns

Love my glow in the dark patch. It sits in the sun and then lights up my ride. 😍

Very Impressed

GZila has designed a great aftermarket bottle holder for Rad Rover, Installed mine with front rack on bike. Everything fits and adjusted as advertised. Love the fit and finish, in my opinion money well spent.

My wife loves it!

I scooped this up for my wife. It now resides on the ceiling of her 2021 TRD 4Runner and she loves it! Another winner from team GZila!

Big patches

These are amazing patches and very detailed.

As advertised

Units mounted well to my Rhino Rack Xtray Pro. Simple and quick install even with having to readjust bracket mounting block/rail dimension. Must admit a prefabricated mounting posts would be a nice option. 3/8 threaded rod did the trick though.

Great solution for FJC stock roof rack

These mounts are well made and a great solution for FJ Cruiser or 4Runner owners with the stock roof rack!

Best axle snatcher.

Haven't had a chance to use this one, but have borrowed several others over the years. Quality product.

Camp Fire v32 Patch
Campfire 32

Love the patch! Great color schemes!

Love it!

My favorite one!

Pizza planet

Great patch, one of my favorites!

Water bottle holder Rad Bikes

This is a second one I’ve ordered. Two rad bikes. It is terrific and functions well. It’s a must to own for your rad bike!!

Best way to make things work!

Absolutely and without a doubt the product you need to mount anything to your rack. We use them for our sprinter racks and the quality every single time is spot on. Without a doubt i recommend these!

Great lookin nutz

Grab a handful of these nutz and you won’t be sorry. My nut bag came complete with stainless bolts & I was so impressed with the quality I bought another dozen of the heftier 1/4” nutz. Quick delivery!!

Amazing. 5 stars

Bottle holder is great .. It adjusts to the proper angle for the bottle holder... Well constructed..


These track nuts are great. They simply put, just work. The very best part is that they are an affordable alternative to other brands.

excellent product

I recently received and installed my water bottle holder. it is excellent and functions exactly as intended. The design and manufacturing appear first rate. the installation was easy. My biggest complaint about my Rad bike is the lack of mounting hardware for water bottle cages. This GZila product solves that issue.

Always awesome quality patches!!!

Always awesome quality patches!!!

Fantastic fit and finish

The quality of this clamp is as top notch as the rest of their products. It's also easy to install (fit on top of the rack in just a few minutes) and saved me the time and energy of designing custom brackets to hold my traction boards. Once installed, the actual mount is exceptionally simple to take off the tubular clamp. By just removing a single hex screw, I can remove the rectangular mount and gain some height clearance, thus allowing me to park my vehicle back in the garage when I don't need the boards mounted. All in all, it's a well thought out design- simple and effective!

Great product

I attached it to the side of my Kuat Skinny tray. It’s great because I don’t have to use L brackets on my crossbars so I have a little more room for other stuff like my two bike racks on the opposite side.


After buying numerous items to hold a water bottle holder for my RAD city bike with no luck, this item was the first that works and is safe to use.

Grab Handles for FJ Cruiser

We think their GREAT!!! Question is when will you have more?

5th gen 4runner stock rails on GZila mounts

I was in the market for an awning and didn’t really know what mount to get for my stock rails on my 5th gen 4runner. After a little bit of research I went with GZila. Easy installation, sturdy and looks great. And I can still clear my garage. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for one.

Quality Product!

These brackets made installing my Ironman 4x4 2m x 2.5m awning a breeze! They are very strong and quality materials!

Camp Fire v31 Patch

The hammock in the shot sold me, this is a truly remarkable piece of Patch Art of Work