First Aid IFAK Pouch

Molle Adapter

Made by Blue Ridge Overland Gear

Small Pouch


We've certainly all heard this public service announcement before. We all have the one friend in particular; the one who usually has a few too many beers waytoo early in the evening. You know the person who springs to mind — the one who seems to get just a little louder with every can. When you hear this notorious exclamation, you never know for sure what is about to happen. But with a mounting sense of dread, you remember the time in high school he tried to pull off this trick with a click lighter. To be honest, you're not entirely sure what went wrong, just that the girls who hung around the shop class had to draw his eyebrows back on with an eyeliner pencil the next day!

All you can do now is back and watch the show. It's a bit like a train wreck. You want to look away, but you just can't. Oh, wait. Yep, he's going for the lighter!

Reach your maximum organization potential. You'll feel better knowing you are prepared for whatever comes. Efficiently organize bandages, burn creams, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic creams, and butterfly closures. Now your medical supplies are easily accessible for all life's little emergencies. This is a great kit bag for daredevils young and old! Made in the USA.

Medium Pouch

You're not the most accident-prone person who ever lived, but you don't necessarily have perfect balance either. You're right in the middle. You occasionally crack your shin on a bumper hitch. Or walk face-first into a low-hanging tree branch. And if you step on a lego in the middle of the night in the dark, well — that's your kids' fault; not yours. You don't need a giant first aid bag, but you'd get nervous carrying just a small first aid kit too. I mean, stuff happens. And that's why we've come up with the medium IFAK bag. 

Our medium IFAK kit bag comes in classic red to distinguish it from all other bags in the event of an emergency. It contains four 4”x12”x2” removable, hook and loop pouches. The pouches feature string-reinforced clear vinyl fronts so that you can easily identify contents. The front of the bag features a large loop Velcro platform for attaching additional hook and loop compatible pouches. The large rubber zipper pulls are easy to grip and maneuver, even with gloves on. It also features two rows of MOLLE webbing for small, MOLLE compatible pouches. It also features a loop Velcro platform to attach First Aid ID Panels. At 12”x8”x4,” it's the perfect medium-sized kit bags for all your medium-sized first aid needs!