CV Removal Tool

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This CV removal tool is spliced at out of synthetic winch line so they are stronger than steel cable and much more flexible and easier to use. These store easily in your tool bag and have been tested in house.

To use, slide noose around the inside of the axle and securely cinch tight. Place a hammer (we use a 5 lb hammer) through the fixed loop, and "pop" the axle out. Rotating the axle between pulls helps.

Manufactured in partnership with C4RS - Custom 4WD Recovery Systems.

Technical Notes:
  • Made in the USA.
  • Always be sure to be safe and wear protective equipment when performing maintenance on your car.

  • GZila Designs disclaims all liability and responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur when using a recovery product sold by GZila Designs. Recovery of a vehicle involves extreme loads and can result in injury and death. Please seek professional instruction in the proper use of recovery gear.