GZila along with working as admin of Toyota Patch Club (TPC) tries to continually give back to charities. Here is a compiled list of donations on behalf of GZila and drives he has organized online. If you have any ideas for a patch concept, or a way of organizing a charity drive, please send us an email!

April 2017: Tread Lightly!
    TPC raised $1,101

May 2017: Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia Association / ACDA
     TPC raised $1,095

September 2017: Hurricane Relief
     TPC raised $4,300 (including $1,000 from GZila)

November 2017: Autism Awareness
    TPC raised $750 (GZila donated patches)

December 2017: Autism Awareness
     GZila donated $1,000

December 2017: Toys for Toys (Matthew Garcia)
        TPC raised about $1,500

March 2018: The Backstoppers (TBL & TRL)
     GZila donated $500

May 2018: Blue Angels Foundation
     GZila donated $250 (and counting)

May 2018: Homes For Our Troops
    TPC raised $400 (GZila & Mr. X Label Donated Patches)

June 2018: Natalie Blanchard' Sister (Breast Cancer Returned)
     TPC raised $1,500 (including $280 from GZila)

September 2018: 9/11 Memorial Museum
     TPC raised $780 (GZila donated patches)

September 2018: Hurricane Florence Drive
     TPC raised $570 (Including $100 from GZila, plus patches)

October 2018: Breast Cancer Research Foundation
     GZila donated $1,000 (proceeds from patches)

November 2018: Homes For Our Troops
     GZila donated $350 (proceeds from patches)

November 2018: Toasted Tundra
     GZila donated $2,700 (proceeds from patches thus far)

December 2018: Toys for Toys (Matthew Garcia)
        TPC raised about $2,000  (GZila donated patches)

Greg is also a co-founder of the Appalachian Toyota Round-Up which is a 501c3 charity event held each Labor Day weekend at Windrock Park in TN.